I'm Nien(birb), an illustrator focusing on cute anime girl and bird art! I also stream on twitch, nice to meet you!

Current commission status: Closed, thank you! Reopening mid 2024~

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About Nienbirb

Henlo, I'm Nien! Most of the sites won't accept Nien as name because it's too short, so I added a "birb". Thus, my online presence as Nienbirb was born!✧ Both my love for anime and for birds started at a very young age. Combining both of them when it comes to art was just the most nien-thing to do! I worked with traditional media materials for 5 years before starting my digital artworks journey in 2020 - this was also when I started to stream on twitch ♡I enjoy designing characters and using them for illustrations! Most of the artworks you will find show ✧my own✧ or other people's characters. I super rarely draw fanart for shows/games~Want a custom piece from me to your liking? ♡ Check out my prices and get in touch!


✧ Digital Anime Illustration ✧

✧ Birds ✧

✧ Traditional Anime Art ✧

Original Characters

Thank you so much for the interest in my bebies ♡
If you ever draw any of them and post to social media, feel free to use the hashtag #ganbanien ✧ This hashtag exists to show me stuff that motivates me - and what would be more motivating than seeing one of my characters in your style?
I have independent characters and some that belong to a closed species (art project). You can find all of them below. For the species characters, the traits are mandatory ;;; so please be extra careful if you draw them~♡

My Avatar

You've probably stumbled upon this bird by checking out my website or twitch!Hi, this birbo fren is the character I use to talk to you and that represents me!What type of bird is this?
It's a constellation conure, a species I made up that is somewhat of the opposite of a sun conure. (I also love alliterations so this just felt right for me!)
Blue, stellar and with a flower on the head, my mission is to spark joy and motivate you to chase your dreams!
I sometimes switch the flower for some other accessories too!

The Sera'phim

My Sera'phim characters live in a world where magic users grow wings as a result of using magic until all of their own body's mana is used up (it doesn't regenerate, so when it's gone, it's gone). This means that the more wings they have (size and amount), the more they used their magic before (and had a big pool of mana to begin with).
There's only a few magic users that don't have to draw mana out of their own body but the outside surroundings - at the price of it dying. None of my characters have that ability specified.
I plan to have a character for each color.

work in progress:


Her design was made by MarshmallowPanda and is inspired by a Turquoise-Browed Motmot.
She is my sunny personality character. She enjoys eating sweet snacks with a lot of honey or sugar, crafting flower crowns and being surrounded by water. Her favorite fruits are delicious peaches! She is a magic user that can make water float.


My ghost bride cat girl!I'm all about birds, not cats, but "everyone needs a cat girl in their life" is a quote I can get behind!
So here is mine, a cat that was once loved, reincarnated as a cat girl in the after life!
Her story is somewhat sad so she rarely smiles, I have some alternative universe artworks where she does though.
I use her for pretty much every event in HeartCo because I never really specified her story which means she fits in a lot of scenarios!

My Somniocris characters

Somniocris is a closed species created by MarshmallowPanda & NancyThey are hand-sized fairies delivering dreams of different types with different tools - they share the glass belly, glass ears and translucent scented tail!All of mine are based on different bird species!I collected quite a few Somniocris over the past three years (14 personal, 2 NPCs)! You can click on the image **to the right **which leads to a Sta.sh cloud folder with all my Somniocris in there ♪
(4 of them are based on my pet cockatiels!)


Current commission status: Closed!
Estimated next opening date: Summer 2024

Info and prices can be found here~


a simple-styled illustration featuring your character

The lines and overall details on the character will be simplified without leaving a detail out. Lines and overall shadings are softer. A simple background and optional particle effects are included.
Prices are per character!

€ 30-70

% of character visiblePrice range
~40-60% (Bust/Halfbody)€ 30-50
~60-100% (Knee-up/ Fullbody)€ 50-70


a detailed illustration featuring your character

The lines and overall details are advanced and more clean. No simplification. A simple background and optional particle effects are included.
For a detailed background, an additional 50% of the total price needs to be added.
Prices are per character!

€ 60-130

% of character visiblePrice range
~40-60% (Bust/Halfbody)€ 60-90
~60-100% (Knee-up/ Fullbody)€ 90-130

The "studio" logo watermark belongs to a personal project of mine, it will not be on your commission.


Price depends on complexity.

€ 30-55


currently unavailable

€ -unavailable-

By contacting me for a commission you confirm that you have read and agreed to the terms of services (which can be found by clicking on here )

Terms of Services

By contacting me for a commission you confirm that you have read the terms of services stated below. It is assumed you agree with the terms the moment you make the payment. Any questions need to be asked upfront.

I know this is a heccing lot! It protects both me and you as the client, so please make sure to read everything!

  • I have the right to refuse the commission request without the need to explain the reason. I may also cancel your slot if communication on your end is completely dropped for over 14 days.

  • Please look through my galleries to make sure I am the illustrator you need for your piece! I will not copy other styles or make illustrations "similar to this artist's style".

  • You are purchasing a digital file of the drawing only (unless specifically discussed otherwise at the beginning of the commission!). Files will be provided as high-res PNG via sta.sh/drive. Make sure to save the final work to your device.


  • Prices are in EUR (€) and are agreed upon before I start with the commission. The prices listed are non-negotiable. It is your responsibility as the commissioner to calculate the cost in your respective currency before commissioning.

  • I will only accept PayPal transactions initiated by an invoice sent by myself. Please wait for me to send the invoice and do not send any money outside of it.

  • Full payment after the final approved sketch.

  • The prices listed are for private (non-promotional and non-commercial) use. If you wish to purchase additional rights you can find all information under "Commercial rights/Licensing"

Revisions & Refunds

  • Unlimited major revisions (pose changes, outfit swaps, other larger details) can be made during the sketching phase.

  • After the sketch is confirmed by the client and the payment is sent, a maximum of 3 minor revisions (smaller details, color adjustments) may get requested. Any further revisions will result in a fee.

  • The number of requested revisions will influence the time needed to complete the commission.

  • The client can cancel the commission at any point during the sketching phase. For refunds after the payment, the commissioner can get a 50% refund during the lineart phase. No refund will be given if progress has already moved past the lineart stage unless I cannot fulfill the remainder of your request.

  • Once the client receives the finished illustration and approves it, no revisions can be made after that.

Usage Rights

  • I'm payed for my labor and retain full rights, meaning I hold the rights over my commissions to post in my galleries and to use for publicity, prints, and merchandise etc. However, I won't use the artwork for profit if it features one of your characters without contacting you first!

  • My turnaround time is between 3 weeks and 2 months. If you have a specific deadline for your piece, please let me know in your initial request to confirm if I can meet it.

  • Please state if you are not okay with me showing the progress of your commission on my stream or social media.

  • If you want me to not post the finished piece as well ("secret commission") an additional fee of 50% applies.

  • You will receive a non-watermarked and a watermarked version of your commission after I'm done. I advice to not post the full non-watermarked version online.

  • You are not allowed to sell a commissioned illustration without contacting me first.

  • You may not make changes to the illustration on your own, nor have it edited by a 3rd party.

  • If you want to make changes to a design commission, a new artwork separate from my illustration needs to be created.

Commercial Rights/Licensing

  • The prices listed under "Commissions" are for private, non-promotional and non-commercial use - you are purchasing my labor only, not the rights of the artwork, meaning you can't use it to be redistributed in large quantities nor use it in any form that could bring income or promotes your brand. Please feel free to ask if your planned usage falls under this. If you wish to purchase additional rights, a fee applies depending on which kind of licensing rights you need. There are two types available:

type A: 1.5x multiplier of the original price for promotional rights (if the artwork is not the main focus) - including, but not limited to: Twitch/Youtube (thumbnail) usage, banners on business medias, promotional art etc. (Ask me if you are unsure if you fall under this category! Proper credit must be given)

type B: 3x multiplier of the original price for commercial rights (if the artwork is the main focus) - including, but not limited to: merchandise in any form/quantity, such as prints, apparel, accessoires, books etc.
Feel free to ask me if you are unsure if you need commercial rights. Please ask before I create the invoice for your commission.

  • These fees apply to both illustration and design commissions.

  • If not discussed otherwise, the illustration will still have a subtle watermark on it.

Ready to commission me? Click here, thank you!

Design (Commission) TOS

These TOS apply to all of my designs from January 2023 onwards, custom or premade!
If you bought/got one of my designs before that, please refer to the rules posted with the design back then!

  • If you want to make changes to my design, a new artwork separate from my illustration needs to be created.

  • If you or another artist redraw the character sheet my name still needs to be properly credited ("design by nienbirb" or similar).

  • You are allowed to resell the character as long as you notify me about the new owner so I can make changes in my master list.

  • If not stated otherwise, a character created by me can be used for commercial purposes (if you want to use my original artwork, a fee applies!)

  • A design created by me can not be sold for a higher price than paid during the initial purchase. Other commissioned pieces of artwork with that character can not raise the price if you choose to resell the character, you can however offer to sell those as optional add-on.

  • For commissions, my general terms of service still apply.


Current commission status: Closed!

When I open my commissions, a notification will be send to both discord and my twitter. I'm not accepting waitlist requests!I'll need some detailed information on what type of commission you are looking for.
Please fill out the form below and send it to either my email address or to my discord profile (not my server!)

Please fill out the form below and send it to either my email address or to my discord profile (not my server!)

Name: (I will refer to you using this name, feel free to tell me your pronouns too!)
Type of Commission: (Are you interested in a Type A or Type B illustration?)
Licensing: (Do you plan to use my art outside of your private realm? Additional promotional fees might apply)
Paypal Email: (this will be used to create your paypal invoice)
Links for references: (Please include high resolution reference images for the character you want)
Amount of character visible: (Tell me your vision! Any ideas or instructions go here)
Additional Information: (anything I should be aware of? Tell me here)

discord username: nien ✧
Send me an email ✧